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The wild adventure known as the Hidden Treasure Emporium has humble roots. It began as a hobby for a family to collect and sell a few items on eBay. It was a wonderful hobby, for the week and a half it was technically still a hobby.


The common theme of this story is things moved quickly. Within a matter of weeks the hobby evolved into a business. All of the sudden a few collectables on eBay weren't cutting it. That was the birth of the Hidden Treasure Emporium.


Before anyone had time to think the family began purchasing storage units, estates, and liquidated merchandise (e.g., close-outs, overstock, customer returns) from major retailers. After selling online and out of their garages for a few months, the family realized one thing, people love a good bargain.


Within two months the family transformed their business from selling out of a garage, to a 21,000 square foot liquidation ware-house.


The Hidden Treasure Emporium is a unique Family Owned and Operated business. On any given day you can be sure you will find incredible savings and meet one of the four generations of the family. Now everyone can find a hidden treasure, just around the corner, and feel right at home.


No appointment is needed or business license, walk ins are welcome! All ages, types of people gather at our distribution center to provide a unique customer experience. We hope to provide everyone with a great deal on items they may be looking for or not know they needed. Please see our store hours and come visit us frequently to see what is new.

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    Loretta Lindtner (Monday, 23 July 2012 02:05)

    I just saw the photos of you all and loved it. Good luck,Iove you all xxxxxxxxx